COMET - K-Projekt "Embedded Computer Vision" (ECV)

ECV - Embedded Computer Vision

ECV ist ein K-Projekt aus dem COMET Programm der FFG.

Projektnummer: 815105

Projektlaufzeit: 01.01.2008 - 31.12.2012

Koordination: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (vormals Austrian Research Centers GmbH - ARC)

Kontakt: Dr. Manfred Gruber, Tel: +43 50550 4183, Email:



Embedded Computer Vision (ECV) is a consortium built on successful innovation structures represented by the Kplus-center Advanced Computer Vision (ACV), institutes of the universities of technology Vienna and Graz, non-university groups at the Austrian Research Centers (ARC) and Joanneum Research (JR), and internationally active Austrian companies.

Based on successful projects within ACV-Kplus (>10 patents, > 80 publications) and its proposing partners (> 20 EU or national funded projects, > 800 publications during the last 5 years), ECV will join forces in the focused technological scope of embedded computer vision in order to meet future needs and interests of its partners.

The consortium undertakes co-operative industrial research in the following areas:
  • advanced computer vision methods,
  • architectures and advanced methods for hardware/software co-design for computer vision.
Computer vision is an elaborated field of research, however, additional efforts in the research of advanced methods need to be undertaken to allow real-time and robust deployment in real-world applications. The efficiency in the deployment of such systems in dependable embedded systems for intelligent solutions requires additional research, which has also been expressed by EU-technology platforms[1] and is not covered by existing funding projects.
Therefore the new research program deals with the combined investigation of computer vision methods and hardware/software co-design methods and architectures. ECV focuses on (i) low-level methods for image and video analysis that are computationally efficient (ii) high level methods of video processing providing high robustness (iii) design methods for hardware/software co-design to achieve optimal system performance. Relevant expertise in the three fields can be clearly demonstrated by the proponents of ECV.
The new research program is generic, allowing the industrial and scientific partners to use the results of research in a wide variety of applications. Present plans include security systems, autonomous vehicles, interactive systems and other applications in industry, which are expected to have a large impact, especially for the Austrian economy.

[1] “Advanced Research & Technology for Embedded Intelligence in Systems” ( and “Smart Systems Integration” (EPoSS,